MorphOgraphy can make us view our world in new & unexpected ways!


A large part of my photography hobby entails using my computer software to digitally combine various images in new and exciting ways, in order to produce refreshing and thought-provoking perspectives...images that make the viewer "think"!

Photography communicates "Visual Thoughts"



I'm continually finding natural beauty and truly interesting things & people everywhere. Using my Nikon D810 camera, I like to document our world and all of its wonders it chooses to show me.
After I capture what I've seen, further digital enhancement and computer manipulation of these images can very often elicit a magical response to my viewer's eye, in the hopes stimulating their own imaginations!
The goal is the "Wow Factor", my images are my means of telling a story!

How I edit my images for "Special Effects"


 In my quest for the unique & the different, I try find candidate subjects for editing.  After I've captured these types of subject image(s), I post-process them initially using Corel PhotoPaint software to create a new base working file of them, building in structure or adding any special effects. Whenever I have completed that process on the resulting image(s), I next import them into Adobe LightRoom in order to enhance their colors, shading and so forth. Often, my resulting final photographs can wind up becoming thought-provoking or even otherworldly!